TBS系 月曜ミステリーシアター「ペテロの葬列」オリジナル・サウンドトラック
音楽:横山 克
価格:¥2,500- + 税
1.funeral procession
2.crowd control
3.Schwarze Tränen
4.evil is infected
5.truth and lies
6.out of control
7.love is an illusion
8.toxicity (bright piano version.)
9.afternoon snack & tea
11.funeral procession (sad piano version.)
12.good bye my heart
13.crowd control (mysterious piano version.)
14.another mystery
15.transparency (simple piano version.)
16.his true objectives
17.subtype pt.2
18.who is his intended hostage?
19.transparency pt.2
20.crowd control (sad piano version.)
21.seeing the truth
22.toxicity ※